Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tomorrows plans

Tomorrow we are off to the Container store in the morning to pick up some Items we bought in SD during there college sale!

Then later befor regis we are going to Swing by Hi Mile Body Shop(this is a junk yard for old Saabs)! I am going to be hanging around here alot since it is 30 min bike ride from school) They have Lots of V4 Saab parts for my Saab Also!

Then We are off to Regis to Set up the Dorm!

Zen our fish in our room is very active and loves to swim!


  1. How quickly you are able to master the art of blogging! Congratulations on creating a record of the start of your college career. I love that Zen the fish can be part of the experience. I love watching him swim around so joyfully! May the big move go smoothly!

  2. Good night! Thanks for your phone call. I am getting packed and will go to bed before midnight, since we have an early start.

    Love to Zen,


  3. mum wants a new update! how's your first monday been?