Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ranger's Win!!!!!!!!

Today was off to a slow start! none of the Young Adults(kids) get up early! So if you get up when the Sun does you are alone for awhile , good time to work on homework and read Books. Today's plan was to go to Target and maybe Costco. This was planed 2 days ago! Well we finely left at 3:20pm. We got back at 4:30pm and Eli and Sara and myself took off towards the Soccer field. The Ranger's were having there first soccer game! WOW!! These guys are good !


This last week has been crazy,all of the classes went smoothly and enjoyed meeting lots of new teachers and people.

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  1. Fun to see the Rangers in action and glad you are taking advantage of all of the offerings of college life - nice photo of you, Eli, Sara and ?. Very wise of you to take advantage of whatever quiet time you have for studying. Thanks for sharing!