Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rocky Mountain Saab Club

Jerry receiving a picture award to him during the Rocky mountain convention!

Dave and I drove in his saab over to Breckenridge Brewery, at 7 pm. We walked in to the brewery and a waiter walk up to us and said "Saab?" LOL we "Yep" follow me , so we were taken to a private back room. We walked in and I had not seen so many old people in a room! Average age was 60 years of age! Jerry Danner came up and said " you made it " . the Bruce the president walked up and introduced himself .

- We took up seats at the bar !
-Dave said to me "this is our crowd!" LOL

So the meeting was called to order :

- Bruce then introduced us as the new young guys!

Dave and I told the group what type of Saab's we drove and the year !

Then Bruce discussed that they we were going to vote for a new board of directors.

(there are seven board members)

Turns out jerry had put me on the ballot !

So we voted -

Dave and I knew none of the players involved !
(i randomly selected) I did vote for Jerry and Bruce was staying on.

So then we handed in the ballots and two of the members walked out of the room and counted votes!

They came back in then : the name were called : Turns out I was the last to get called ,but got the most votes!

I got 16 votes out of 34 people who attended this meeting!

So I am now on the Board of Directors for the Rocky Mountain Saab Club!

Them we watch a slide show of the convention .

Dave and I both came up with the conclusion that we both should have been there!

The were giving away parts that were worth $200.

So Dave and I we so bummed.

Then we talked with different members and , spoke with Jerry and Bruce!

So thats what happened !

It was a great night!


  1. Wow! What a night. Congratulations on your first board of directors position. As one who has served on many, I have plenty of advice to offer should you want any. Thanks for update.

  2. wow!

    i just wanted to tell you that this post made me laugh a lot. (: