Saturday, September 5, 2009

1988 Saab 900

Wow Every time I see one or Get in one or Drive one, I get the feeling of Power , Control and Style!
Here a little info on the car:
1988 Saab 900 turbo car for sale. It's a 2 door hatchback and the body is in good shape with only a rust spot on the front of the hood and a slight dent over the rear driver side wheel well. Inside is very nice and clean. Has a sunroof, power locks and air condition. The car is in running condition, but has a problem with third gear. asking $600.

Cockpit of Daves 1997 Saab 900 above!

Well Dave Saw this and came running in to my room and said "let go check this thing out"!

So This morning at 8 am Dave and I pile in to His 1997 Saab 900.(BTW: this is the only generation of Saab I have not been in) Wow what a treat! Wake up and get to go ride in a Saab! (I know Most of you could care less ) But These cars handle better than anything out there to this day!

So we Drive 15 Mins To Westminster.

I have my Laptop to I was review my Saab 900 notes.( Study Guild) for this trip!

SO we got to the 1988 Saab 900 house (Bill) , (From what I understood was Bill was a guy who was trying to get rid of his Saab ).(well he was) Bill lives on a Culled Sac And So we had to drive past his house to get on the right side of the street. As we drove pass I was like S$%t, There was another 900 turbo in the driveway. (You See, Dave and I had a plan too crack this guy to drop the price.The Plan: Dave was going to take pictures and I was going to get in to a technical conversation and try to lose the guy) I got real worried,"Dave I hope this guy is not a Saab Guy" We walked up to the Sliver 900!


  1. The suspense is built in your story ... waiting to hear the result!

  2. I am going to Start a Saab Club @ Regis ! Any of you want to Join let me know!

    Bay you should get a Saab !